USA Immigration Forms and Laws

International student visas are issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Department (INS), under the State Department of the United States. An international student visa grants the student permission to enter the USA legally. In order to obtain an international student visa to enter the US, the applicant must meet the following basic requirements:

The international student visa applicant must be in good health. People who have tested positive for HIV are not allowed to enter the US and will not be issued an international student visa.

The International student visa applicants must promise to obey all US laws, or risk deportation.

The International student visa applicants must be able to support himself financially during the course of US study.

International student visa applicants must agree to leave the USA after the course of US study is complete.

It is important to remember that applying early and providing the requested documents does not guarantee that the international student will receive an international student visa. Also, because each international student's immigration situation is unique, two students from the same country, applying for the same international student visa may be asked different questions and for different documents.

In addition, international students should be aware that obtaining an international student visa does not automatically guarantee entry into the United States. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) officer at the port of entry into the US has the authority to deny admission even if an international student visa has been granted. Follow all immigration rules and guidelines closely. Obtaining your international student visa is a crucial step towards a successful US education.